With proper care the teeth that have undergone Root Canal Treatment can last a lifetime; however ,occasionally as it could happen with another dental or medical procedure the tooth may not heal as expected. Contributing to this could be one of the following reasons:

  • Narrow or curved canals that were not treated during the initial procedure.
  • Complicated canal anatomy that went undetected in the first procedure.
  • The placement of the final restoration or crown was delayed following endodontic treatment.
  • The restoration didn't prevent salivary contamination to the inside of the tooth.

Other factors that can contribute to cause a Root Canal Treatment to fail:

  • New decay can expose the Root Canal system to bacteria, causing a new infection to the tooth.
  • A loose, cracked, or broken down filling can expose the tooth to bacterial contamination.
  • The tooth sustains a fracture.

If Retreatment is indicated the endodontist will reopen the tooth, remove the existing root canal filling, clean the canals, and examine the tooth under a microscope. A new root canal filling will be placed in the tooth.